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Affordable Blocked Drains Port Macquarie

Get your blocked drains fixed properly… without hassle, without spending big $

Looking for plumbing solutions that are affordable—for blocked drains? Port Macquarie residents can have peace of mind when they use our services. 

At H2LOW PLUMBING SERVICES, we know the stress you may be feeling from having blocked drains.

How much will it cost?  Our approach to make things as convenient and affordable as possible for you. 

For starters, we have a NO call-out fee (during business hours), meaning we can come to you on-site and diagnose the situation ourselves.

That way, we can give you an accurate quote on the spot and explain the blocked drain solutions available to you.

Using a camera to pinpoint the exact source of the problem means we don’t have to speculate.  Or dig up your garden unnecessarily.  We always aim to limit disruption and costs to you.

Oftentimes, blocked drains are caused by a crack somewhere along the pipe which leaks water and attracts tree roots.  The tree roots enter the pipes and create a wedge, causing further damage. 

We use a specialised high-powered jetter to quickly and easily blast through the blocked drains.  With the right solutions and diagnosis, only the damage portion of the pipe needs to be replaced.  This saves you from the stress of spending more than you need to.

We pride ourselves on fixing your drains properly and offering affordable prices.  Call us today.  0410 727 840 (Stan) or 0432 574 391 (Danny).

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